Genicom Printer Repair & Service

TallyGenicom Repair

  Line Matrix Printer Comparison Chart
6306 600   Opt 55 dBa, 52 dBa
6312 1200   Opt 60 dBa, 56 dBa
5180 1800 Opt 55 dBa, 52 dBa
5100 1000 Opt 55 dBa, 50 dBa
5100FS 1000 Opt 55 dBa
5050 500 Opt 55 dBa, 50 dBa
LG15plus 1500 Opt 52 dBa
LG10plus 1000 Opt 52 dBa
LG05plus 500 Opt 52 dBa
T6200 Series 1800 Opt 54 dBa **
T6100 1020 Opt 55 dBa, 60dBa
T6065 650 Opt 52 dBa, 60dBa
T6050 500 Opt 55 dBa, 60dBa
LJ Series 1800 Opt 54 dBa **

* Max Speed in Draft (64 char)
** Max in the series

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Genicom >TallyGenicomPrinter Maintenance

Maintenance and break-fix repair is provided by DSH for a wide range of products including PC and Servers, Label Printers, Line and Genicom - Printronix - Tally printers and Continuous Forms Printers

DSH Certified Printer Technicians, Microsoft Certified Engineers, Systems Analysts/Consultants, are available when and where you need them.

DSH offers a variety of service options. Customers can select T&M (time and material) or Annual Contract options such as four-hour response, eight-hour next business day response (standard) or custom program coverage, Depot Repair and Custom Maintenance Plans.

Through our regional DSH Maintenance program, we will design a comprehensive service solution customized just for you.  Coverage areas, service options and guaranteed response times will be tailored to meet your specific operational and business goals.  If you have installations in more than one state, you'll be glad to know that our high-quality service is available throughout the USA through DSH or one of our partners.


Genicom - Printronix - Tally printers

Keep your Genicom - Printronix - Tally printers working for you with DSH maintenance and repair service and mechanical replacement program. We strive to diagnose and resolve your laser printer issues quickly and easily. To help you better track the performance of your Genicom - Printronix - Tally printers, DSH provides free monthly service reports for all contract customers.

Our team of professional service technicians has received intensive training and education to quickly get your Genicom - Printronix - Tally printers working properly. Our technicians will perform a print quality test upon completion of service to ensure your satisfaction. Excellent print quality and prompt repair service from DSH will keep your Genicom - Printronix - Tally printers working for you. You simply call the toll free service number 800-677-1704 when an error code appears or when your printer is malfunctioning.


Annual On-Site Service Contract

Annual service contracts are crucial for businesses where equipment is mission critical.  Because these contracts include parts and labor (with the exception of thermal printheads) at a fixed rate, you can avoid costly expenses associated with unforeseen repairs.  DSH offers nationwide on-site service throughout North America enabling you to include remote locations in your annual contract. DSH offers a variety of on-site maintenance offerings. Customers can purchase on-site maintenance with a two-hour, four-hour response or eight-hour/next business day (standard) contract. Prices include preventive maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer.

Hourly On-Site Time & Material Repair

The Time & Material program guarantees you'll talk to a technician within 60 minutes and, in most cases, he'll be on-site at your office within one business day.  Call for rates in your area.

Depot Printer Repair

Our depot repair facility is staffed with highly trained technicians enabling us to function as your company's service center.  Our technicians provide high-quality expedited repairs for your Genicom - Printronix - Tally printers minimizing unproductive downtime.  Because we understand that uptime is very important to our customers, our turnaround time averages 2 days from the receipt of equipment.  

DSH factory-trained technicians ensure your equipment will be repaired to factory specifications.  In addition to any necessary repairs, each piece of equipment is cleaned, adjusted and thoroughly tested before shipping. All depot repairs are guaranteed for 30 days. 

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